Elysia Chlorotica: A Sap-Sucking, Solar-Powered Sea Slug

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Dr. Rebecca Johnson, invertebrate zoologist at the California Academy of Sciences, introduces Elysia chlorotica, a sea slug with interesting eating habits. The sap-sucking sea slug has evolved to undergo photosynthesis using chloroplasts obtained from the algae it eats.


Academy invertebrate zoologist Dr. Rebecca Johnson, discusses her research on the astounding biology and diversity of nudibranchs (sea slugs). Learn how these beautiful and colorful mollusks use their food to defend themselves from predators!

This talk is part of an intertidal excursion sponsored by the Academy and the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. – California Academy of Sciences

Dr. Rebecca F. Johnson is an invertebrate zoologist at the California Academy of Sciences.



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