Rolled on down to Cripples Creek, beautiful place, but unfortunately now turned into some sort of gambling resort. Mind you, the place is pretty, but built on a gold rush that ended over a hundred years ago. Decided to head out to the south towards Canon. The GPS kept trying to divert me down a dirt road I didn’t want to go down, so I kept going on the paper map, until it appeared the GPS was right. However after only a few hundred yards the blacktop ended and I was on a dirt road I didn’t really want to be on with some 29 miles left.. AG! Clock was a ticking so I decided to keep rolling forward. Initially it was easy through fairly flat forest, but then the terrain got progressively more impressive, then incredibly impressive. I just couldn’t figure out what such an impressive dirt road was doing going through the middle of nowhere. The drive was stunning and thankfully very short of cars coming in the other direction. This is what I love about America, its not so much the things you know are there, it’s the things you don’t. Lost and just looking for a way back to the main road, and you come across a gem like this!



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