Donald Trump, The Google Memo and More: Scum Thoughts

After three weeks away, a bit of a catch up of a lot of the stuff I would have loved to cover had I not taken August as a bit of family time.

1) The google memo issue. Did James Damore “deserve” to be fired? Was the content of the memo as extreme and”anto-diversity” as the media claimed? Was Google’s somewhat mixed response of “these things are wirthy of discussion but we will fire you if you do so” a reasonable one?

2) Donald Trump and the Charloteville episode. Was Trump wrong not to condemn, more squarely, the right-wing nutjobs at the event? Did he perhaps have a point about Antifa?

3) Kristi Winters and The Distributist had a debate. Just a few of the observations and thoughts I had whilst listening through.

4) The Australian Army attempts to right discrimination by doing another round of discrimination. Has common sense finally joined Elvis and left the building?

Overall, I have to say this was one of the most depressing months of events and responses to events I have seen over the last decade. That may sound a bit over the top on it’s face but it really does seem like society is heading down the path of wishful thinking (this is how we would like reality to be therefore this is how we will assume it must be) with a degree of media complicity that makes me wonder if there is any way back.

This is the first time I have felt like this.



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