Do Uninsured Patients Make Better Medical Decisions?

Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2011/02/16/Debate_Providing_Affordable_Quality_Healthcare

Colorado doctor Mike Fallon argues that patients who do not pay directly for health care tend to drive up the overall costs of medicine by requesting unnecessary procedures. Conversely, patients who pay out-of-pocket make better medical decisions “because they have skin in the game.”


Experts and policy makers debate the question: What must America do to provide accessible, affordable, quality healthcare to its citizens? Panelists include Sally Pipes, Mike Fallon, Senator Irene Augilar, and Elinor Christiansen. – Pacific Research Institute

Mike Fallon, M.D. is a Doctor of Emergency Medicine. In 2010, he was the Republican nominee to represent Colorado’s 1st congressional district. Fallon lost in the general election to incumbent Democrat Diana DeGette.



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