Do Humans Have the Ability To Sniff Out Bombs?

We use dogs as our go-to sniffers for bombs and rescue missions. But how does our sense of smell compare?

What Does Space Smell Like? – https://youtu.be/Dn23GbsWJjE
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Beauty isn’t only in the eyes of the beholder– you can smell and hear it too
“In the review, Groyecka and colleagues highlighted studies demonstrating that through the voice of an individual, we are able to determine dominance, cooperativeness, emotional state, and even the body size of the speaker.”

Why can’t we smell things when it’s cold?
“The human nose evolved to reveal information about our environment that we can’t otherwise apprehend via sight, sound or touch. When you smell something, physical particles in the air are entering your nose and hitting specialized olfactory receptors.”

The Human Sense of Smell: It’s Stronger than We Think
“Our sense of smell plays a major, sometimes unconscious, role in how we perceive and interact with others, select a mate, and helps us decide what we like to eat. And when it comes to handling traumatic experiences, smell can be a trigger in activating PTSD.”


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