It should be a collective badge of shame for our species that in this day and age, an age of space travel and genome sequencing, that you can still be sentenced to death merely for saying what you think about a religion.
This year in Pakistan, that’s exactly what happened: this is clearly a problem that needs to be addressed, and yes, sunlight is the best sterilant for this sort of thing, and I intend to give it plenty of both!
This really is one of those ‘why we protest’ kind of things. The status quo is unacceptable, and to remain silent would simply constitute tacit acceptance of a stagnant status quo.
About one in six on this planet are adherents to Islam, and Islam is the only religion that I know of that will:
1) sentence people to death for blasphemy.
2) have riots of thousands that will burn down embassies over cartoons.
3) threaten the lives of cartoonists to the point where the threats are so credible that people have to go into hiding.
4) that will have their leadership pull the plug on entire aspects of the internet because they fear the irrational response of their Islamic practitioners.
5) that will have leaders of large Islamic countries suggest that merely burning the Koran would constitute a ‘threat to global peace’
-These are symptoms that Islam displays that other religions do not. Islam is different here, and thus requires to be addressed in a different fashion.
History shows us that the incremental actions of thousands CAN change the views of great civilizations. It is time for us to realize that there is a problem, and our collective actions can apply a social pressure to significantly diminish the above detrimental attributes of Islam.
This is why Draw Mohammad Day is returning.
No more shall freemen and women be intimidated into silence by the irrational and violent behavior of religious practitioners.
DMD2 will have its own website, the significant costs of which have already been underwritten by an several anonymous donor.
This will mean that no-one can pull the plug on DMD2.
The event will also be promoted through youtube and facebook.
Facebook event
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By a curious coincidence thousands of Christians think the world is going to end the day after DMD2 (20th May 2011), and seeing as that’s a Saturday, I figure its time to double whammy this to highlight the level of ‘crazy’ that religion can precipitate in a civilization. Yup its a ‘NOT THE END OF THE WORLD PAAAARRRRTYYYYY!’
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