DMCA abuse by the Immoral

This video is a result of a collaboration between the following you tube users:

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We all share an interest in science and we have respect for the advancements and benefits that science has brought us. The internet is one example of this.

We believe that the internet offers extraordinary and valuable opportunities for education, and through sites such as you tube, a forum for open discussion and exchange of views. In order for people to fully benefit from the internet, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and a lack of censorship are essential.
We are concerned that there are some people who are attempting to prohibit free speech on the internet. They are doing so by the unwarranted service of notices under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, (“DMCA”).

We recognise that Copyright is an important legal right. The DMCA provides a method for copyright owners to protect their work against plagiarism and exploitation.

However, we are also aware that some people are misusing the DMCA. They are issuing notices that are not a legitimate attempt to protect their copyright, but are a cynical way of attempting to prevent adverse comment on, and criticism of, their views. They are using it maliciously, wrongly and probably illegally. We consider such actions to be abhorrent. It is a sick and cowardly way of attempting to restrict free speech and limit the potential of the internet for education.

Some of us have been subjected to such notices.

We are sure that our own experiences are not the only occasions when the DMCA has been misused.

We would like to know how often it is happening? Who else has been served with DMCA notices? Who served these notices? What happened as a result?

We would like to hear from you by contacting us at the channel DMCAabuse (not this one) if you have been served with a DMCA notice that you consider was issued in order to prohibit free expression rather than to protect copyright. (Any information you send us will be treated with confidentiality and will not be disclosed without your prior permission.)

We believe that opportunity for education, freedom of expression and freedom of speech are causes worth protecting. We want to do what we can to protect them.

Please help us do that.

Thank you.




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