Discussion w/ Lee Moore (The Atheist ConferenceSteve Shives’ YouTube Panel)

A discussion with Mr Lee Moore, the organiser of a large atheist event in New York next July (The Atheist Conference).
I aim to find out a little bit about Lee and his event. I also aim to tackle Lee on what has proven somewhat controversial here on YouTube, which is the “YouTube atheist panel” which seemingly consists solely of Steve Shives and his best online chums.

Start – Lee introduces himself and we have a discussion about atheist movements and conferences generally (and how atheism+ and the splits affected the whole thing)
16:20 Lee introduces The Atheist Conference which he is organising for next year
22:00 We start to discuss the “YouTube Atheist panel” consisting of Steve Shives and his like-minded chums

To check out what (regardless of the atheist panel) looks like a worthy and exciting event go here:

Gary Edwards (in my view, not Lee’s!!) excellent video “The Aforementioned Actors”

My previous video on the event “More on Steve Shives @ TAC – The Atheist Conference”



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