#Dick-gate and the 1 MILLION DOLLAR feminist LOL-suit

An OUTSTANDING lols-fest.

Richard Carrier….. vigorously pushes for draconian sexual harassment policies.
Richard Carrier smears Michael Shermer, wall to wall over some ‘tumblr’ accusation of rape (he mentions it ~100 times in his blog post), then of course gets MASSIVELY butthurt when he merely gets accused of sexual harassment.
Richard Carrier then goes ballistic and says hes gonna sue almost EVERYBODY….. for about TWO MILLION dollars.

Links for the SWORN LOLsuit
Carrier Lolsuit
Skepticon Response:
Richard Carrier Affidavit:
Dana Carol Fredsti Affidavit:
David Fitzgerald Affidavit:
Spencer Hawkins Affidavit:
Heina Dadabhoy Emails:
Lauren Lane Emails:

I wont be adding this to the Patreon supported feed. Next patreon supported video should be about Elon Musk and his plans to go to Mars!



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