Description and sample video from BlasphemyPiano – accompaniment channel for Gisburne’s “Blasphemy! Anthems for Atheists”

A description and sample video from http://youtube.com/user/BlasphemyPiano – my channel for background piano accompaniment for songs in Nick Gisburne’s “Blasphemy! Anthems for Atheists” (available on Lulu.com).

For more information on “Blasphemy! Anthems for Atheists,” see Nick’s website: http://www.gisburne.com

Nick’s YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Gisburne2000

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Besides ToddAllenGates and BlasphemyPiano, I have two additional YouTube channels:

http://youtube.com/user/ToddGates – my musician channel

http://youtube.com/user/ToddAllenGates2 – where I discuss the ideas in my book “Hunting, Gathering, & Videogames” (such as “Why do we have to work?” and “Why do we have to use money?” and “How should we define ‘success’?”)



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