David Kenny on the Evolution of Advertising

David Kenny describes how advertising will become completely individualized.

Kenny:    Well, I think it’s search engines and ad networks and there’s all sorts of ways to connect to people as individuals, and what I think we’re going to find is that we’re more of a market maker, where we’re trying to find a bid in and ask to communicate with any person at any point in time.  That market will clear on the value of that person as well as the value of the product.  So I think, in many ways, we’re going to be more like other transparent markets, whether those be equities markets or bond markets or real estate markets, and that’s actually a good thing, because I think that transparency is going to create better economic rigor around making sure that advertising really works and that people will spend more on the things that work and less on the things that don’t work.  Once you’ve done that, once you’ve done that matching of people and message, then you’re still going to have great creativity to try to capture people’s imagination, their hopes and aspirations and be a valid part of their community.



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