Could Lab-Grown Meat Make Eating Human O.K.? (Part 2 of 3)

Lab grown meat has been making headlines recently, but is it actually a better alternative to the traditional meat industry?

Part 1 of 3 – https://youtu.be/pcdB89SHlAg
Part 3 of 3 – Coming Soon!

Check out Thrillist’s Meatless Week: https://www.thrillist.com/eat/nation/meatless-week/food-and-drink

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Will Fake Meat Ever Be As Good As Real Meat?
“Today in America we kill over 9 billion food animals per year. Raising animals for food consumes half of all water used in this country, and three-quarters of all our grain. By some estimates, food animals produce more greenhouse gasses than every last airplane, train, car, bus, boat, and truck on Earth.”

Some Cultures Hardwired for Vegetarian Diet
“Cultures from certain parts of India, Africa and Asia have eaten a mostly vegetarian diet for so long that they have evolved a genetic adaptation that boosts their body’s ability to process certain fatty acids, according to the new study, which is published in the journal Molecular Biology and Evolution.”

Lab-Grown Turkey Is on the Table for Future Thanksgivings
“Gibbons and a handful of other researchers around the world are part of a cutting-edge area of technology called cellular agriculture that combines the latest advances in tissue-engineering, material sciences, bioengineering and synthetic biology to make animal products from the cell up. With the right kind of funding and USDA approval, lab-grown turkey meat could be on your plate in five to seven years.”


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