Corine Sombrun & Nadine Kreisberger: “Cognitive Trance™ Meets Neuroscience […]” | Talks at Google

Corine Sombrun and Nadine Kreisberger explore the fascinating intersection between shamanic trance, neuroscience, and psychology.

Corine has spent the last sixteen years studying and practicing shamanic trance, while collaborating with neuroscientists and psychiatrists to understand its impact on the human brain and body. After seeing the power and impact of such a trance on test groups and individuals, Corine developed a way for people to learn how to self-induce it.

Today thanks to her work and her collaborations with various researchers, a new understanding of shamanic trance’s impact on the brain’s function is emerging. Together they are researching the applications of what is now called Cognitive Trance™, whether to help cure illnesses, psychiatric issues, or simply as a tool for self-awareness and self-transformation.

One of the main challenges and key issues is how to integrate the material experienced and revealed during the trance in one’s daily life. For this reason, Corine has been partnering with Nadine Kreisberger who brings her 15 years’ background in psychology and shamanic traditions to their collaboration. Together, they have been developing a protocol combining trance and psychological tools. In this talk, Nadine & Corine share concrete examples and tools on how to use trance for healing, self-awareness, and personal transformation.

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