Consumer Protection on the Blockchain

Digital currencies have been roiled by high-profile implosions of exchanges, elaborate Ponzi schemes, firms failing to ship their promised hardware and more. What does consumer protection look like on the blockchain?

Jim Newsome brings experience as a financial regulator charged with analysing complicated new financial instruments, being a former head of the CFTC. Martine Niejadlik balanced consumer protection needs with user-growth at Coinbase while Joe Colangelo has addressed these issues at a Consumers’ Research workshop at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. David Tait of the Commonwealth Secretariat will discuss consumer protection in an international context.

Moderator: Stan Higgins, CoinDesk
Panellists: Jim Newsome, Delta Strategy Group
Martine Niejadlik, former Chief Compliance Officer, Coinbase
Joe Colangelo, Consumers’ Research
David Tait, Commonwealth Secretariat



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