Conan O’Brien: The ‘Ron Burgundy’ Strategy Drives Viewers

Complete video available for free at http://fora.tv/2012/05/23/Cable_Show_2012_3rd_General_Session_Conan_OBrien

In a one-on-one conversation with Piers Morgan, Conan O’Brien, host of “Conan” on TBS, discusses how his production team leverages new media to increase his late-night audience. Abandoning advertising models of 90s television, “Conan” casts a wider net by posting its content in bite-sized pieces throughout the web.


In a consumer environment where more people have smartphones than DVRs, devising the right strategies for success in media and communications is more complicated than ever. Yet standout companies continue to deliver growth from mainstay businesses while innovating in the new, always-connected environment. This General Session featuring influential participants in content and distribution takes a wide-angle view of the revolution in media technology, its implications for customer behavior, and the ways innovative companies are positioning themselves to take advantage of an anytime, anywhere, anything-goes media environment.

With “a comic identity as distinctive as his name,” according to The New York Times, Conan O’Brien has firmly established himself in the late night comedy universe. Hailed by The Washington Post as “modest, wry, self-effacing and demonstrably the most intelligent of the late-night comics,” O’Brien’s unique brand of comedy has earned Conan the title “Late Night’s King of Cool” from Entertainment Weekly.



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