I forgot to point out that really the main reason I left the LatumWay channel was because when Google forced everyone to connect their YouTube channels to Google+ accounts, a previous indiscretion, involving a gay pride flag and a swastika, prevented me from doing so, leaving me with a debate channel that I couldn’t use to post comments, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of having a debate channel. Google Help were staggeringly unhelpful, and so I decided to just move on. Sad times.

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#ComeBackToYouTube Video Tag Rules:
1) Copy the rules from the description box of the person who tagged you or another person in the chain. Paste the rules in the description box of your video.
2) Use #ComeBackToYouTube in the title of your video. Please do not deviate the hashtag term in the title of your video because statistics and information will be collected from data mining this term on the internet. You can add other words as long as you use #ComeBackToYouTube in the title.
3) Begin your video by acknowledging the person who tagged you.
4) State how long you have been a viewer and content maker on YouTube.
5) Name at least three YouTuber content makers that you would like to see return to making content on YouTube. Describe why you appreciated the previous content of each selection.
6) Tag at least 3 YouTubers who are currently actively making content to do this challenge. At least one of your tag selections must be of a different gender or orientation than you. At least one of your tag selections must be from a different ethnic or religious background than you.
7) Leave links in the description box of your video to the people you tagged and those you want to return to content making, if available.
8) You must, on your honor, send your video to all people mentioned in your video via direct electronic communication (YouTube private message, facebook chat, email, Skype, etc.). This includes the person that tagged you, the people you want to return to making content, and the people you tagged.
9) There is no video time limit. Example clips are optional.
10) Responses to this tag will be collected on this­ist%3DPLZDbRNItFy03BLhY3GVOl1vKwwOEBo7v_­&redir_token=lOyiwryYvC4RzVe-Oylj6Is­pxYt8MTQzNDY1NDAxMkAxNDM0NTY3NjEy



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