Clara Hemphill: “Why Choose Public School and How to Navigate the NYC […]” | Talks at Google

Why Choose Public School and How to Navigate the NYC Public School System (PreK and Kindergarten)

Clara Hemphill is the Founder and Senior Editor of Inside Schools. She
leads The News School’s Center for New York City Affair’s policy work on
economic segregation of the city’s schools, examining why there are schools
with high concentrations of poverty even in mixed income neighborhoods. The
New York Times called her three books designed to help parents choose good
public schools for their children “the most definitive guides” to the
city’s schools.

InsideSchools.org are a group of volunteer journalists, public school
parents, and public school advocates dedicated to improving schools for our
own children and for every child in the city. They believe that excellent
public education is crucial to the functioning of a democratic society.

Learn more about InsideSchools at http://insideschools.org/



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