Chuck Gaidica: “Weathering Change” | Talks at Google

What’s it like to be on the delivery-side of traditional broadcast television, and experience the monumental shift in media consumption? No longer do we turn on our TVs at scheduled times throughout our day, to watch regular-scheduled news programs.

Chuck Gaidica tells us what it’s like to spend over 30 years in broadcast television, and evolve and adapt to stay connected with his core audience of Baby Boomers.

Chuck has been a familiar face to TV viewers in the Detroit metro area since the early 1980s. He still serves as co-host on nearly every major televised special on WDIV-TV, including America’s Thanksgiving Parade, Detroit Fireworks, Auto Show Special, and previously on the Stanley Cup Parade and the NHL Winter Classic.

Learn more about Chuck, on his website, http://chuckgaidica.com/about/meet-chuck-gaidica

Moderated by Marc de Schweinitz.



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