Christians say the Dumbest Things

Its bugged me for ever that Christians are proud of the ‘fact’ that the ‘Lord is my shepherd’. (Psalm 23)

It’s one of the earliest things taught to children is that farm animals get eaten, and sheep are no exception. If the lord is their shepherd, he’s not being nice to them just out of love or care, but because of their deadweight at market.

Yup, and would you believe that psalm 23, -The Lord is my Shepherd, is one of the most quoted, and most read Bible verses. It’s jaw droppingly, well funny I suppose that billions of christians have read this verse, and as far as I can tell none have them have put this verse together with what they learned when they were 5, that there is no happy ending for the sheep.

If the verse is meant to confer the concept that their god will care for them, then a better metaphor would be ‘The Lord is my Nanny’. Irrespective it embodies the concept that someone else will care for you, and there is no encouragement for self-improvement or development. In summary its a statement of pedomorphic desire and intent as a mainstay of the Christian religion.

Ironically this would of course count as bad parenting anywhere. No good parent should encourage their children to remain children in perpetuity. The sole goal of the parents should be for their children to supersede their ability!



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