Can We Make Super Athletes By Modifying Genes?

Athletes are incredibly talented, and incredibly driven individuals. Can genetic modification be the next step in creating superior competitors.

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Gene Therapy in Sports: Gene Doping
“Gene doping is an outgrowth of gene therapy. However, instead of injecting DNA into a person’s body for the purpose of restoring some function related to a damaged or missing gene, as in gene therapy, gene doping involves inserting DNA for the purpose of enhancing athletic performance.”

Unnatural Selection: Muscles, Genes and Genetic Cheats
“Slow-fiber muscle growth and endurance can likewise be controlled through gene manipulation. In August 2004 a team of researchers that included the Salk Institute for Biological Study’s Ronald Evans reported that they altered a gene called PPAR-Delta to enhance its activity in mice, helping nurture fatigue-resistant slow-twitch muscles. “

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