Can Obama Inspire a US “Savings Spree?” – Chris Patten

Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2008/11/07/The_Shifting_Balance_of_Power_in_2009

Chris Patten, Chancellor of Oxford and Newcastle Universities, criticizes America’s “culture of debt” he identifies as the cause of the country’s current economic crisis. Patten states that President-elect Obama must encourage Americans to shift priorities to “family values — not running up bloody great deficits.”


Just three days after the 2008 US Presidential Election and with the influence of China and India growing by the day, our international experts provided their insights and views on how the world will look in 2009 and beyond – Oxford Business Alumni

Lord Patten is the Chancellor of Oxford and Newcastle Universities. He also is the European Commissioner for External Relations, 1999-2004 and the Chairman of the Conservative Party. Lord Patten is also the last British governor of Hong Kong and author of East and West: China, Power, and the Future of Asia and Cousins and Strangers.



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