Building a Citizens’ Economy | Andrew Haldane | RSA Replay

The Citizens’ Economic Council programme was launched 6 days after the divisive EU referendum in 2016. Since then, we have witnessed the rise of populism, the mainstreaming of post-truth information, and a huge decline in trust in our political and economic leaders, symbolized by the so-called “death of the expert”. Throughout this, the programme has worked to give voice to those left-behind, demonstrate how citizens can be engaged and energised in economic debate, and increase understanding about how deliberative democracy can rebuild legitimacy of economic policymaking.

As we now launch our final report, we challenge panellists and audience alike to take responsibility for their role in creating a citizens’ economy.

Speakers: Patricia Wharton, Member of the Citizens’ Economic Council; Anand Menon, Director of UK in a Changing Europe; Gemma Tetlow, Economics Correspondent, Financial Times; Reema Patel, Programme Manager, Citizens’ Economic Council and Andrew Haldane, Chief Economist at the Bank of England.
Chair: Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive, RSA

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