Black Holes And Gravitational Waves Might Help Us Find Dark Matter

Evidence has shown that almost 85% of the matter in the universe is unaccounted for, but scientists now think they might have a way to fix that.

Gravitational Waves Discovered! Here’s What You Need To Know – https://youtu.be/72AQsQ2v5cA
Edge Of Space: Seeker VR – https://youtu.be/pCve1w1GFOs
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Astronomers Are Attempting to Capture the First-Ever Photograph of a Black Hole
“A system of radio telescopes around the world is peering at the gigantic black hole at the center of the Milky Way, a behemoth called Sagittarius A*.”

Gravitational Waves vs. Gravity Waves: Know the Difference!
“Though you’ll likely see many news headlines heralding the wonders of ‘gravity wave science’, do not fall into the trap! While both have gravity in common, gravity waves and gravitational waves are two very different beasts. Read on to find out why and then show off your gravitational smarts to your friends the next time you’re down the pub.”

Black hole mergers and the QCD axion at Advanced LIGO
“In the next few years, Advanced LIGO (aLIGO) may see gravitational waves (GWs) from thousands of black hole (BH) mergers. This marks the beginning of a new precision tool for physics. Here we show how to search for new physics beyond the standard model using this tool.”

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