Barry Strauss: “[…] Applying Lessons from Ancients to Modern Business Culture” | Talks at Google

Alexander the Great, Hannibal and Julius Caesar were three of history’s most disruptive leaders. Alexander and Caesar each conquered an empire and Hannibal revolutionized the art of warfare, using branding as a tool to enhance his reputation and inspire his soldiers. The significant women in their lives – mothers, wives, and mistresses – challenged and inspired their visions of empire and ability to gain loyal followers. Each leader recruited talent, fostered individual initiative and shared sacrifice, while promoting multiculturalism, advocating populism and raising the banner of liberation.

Barry’s talk examines the ways we can apply lessons from these ancient leaders to global, modern business culture. As in the past, success comes from creating new, disruptive paradigms – for the ancients, moves like cutting the Gordian knot or marching elephants over the Alps in the snow – to fully use resources and inspire teams.

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