Barefoot Ted on the Joys of Minimalist Running

Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2010/11/05/Chris_McDougall_Born_to_Run

“Barefoot Ted” McDonald, featured in Chris McDougall’s book Born to Run, celebrates the human foot and encourages people to reconnect with their physical body. “This primary vehicle, our own foot, got us to every nook and cranny of the planet,” says McDonald. “We are embodying an incredible apparatus.”


Vibram FiveFingers and Paragon Sports are excited to present an Evening with Christopher McDougall, author of the New York Times Bestseller Born to Run.

Christopher McDougall speaks on minimalist running, his adventures in the Copper Canyon and field questions alongside other minimalist experts. – New York Society for Ethical Culture

Ted McDonald is an independent athlete committed to re-discovering primal natural human capacities and encouraging others to do the same. Having spent the last 7 years focused on mastering barefoot long distance running, BFT now focuses on sharing his insights through coaching clinics and speaking engagements. Many have come to know about him through the pages of Christopher McDougall’s best-selling book Born to Run, a book BFT likes to call his quirky PhD. thesis that he didn’t have to write.

Ted has been featured in numerous articles and frequently interviewed. He enjoys sharing his philosophy of running and life to audiences large and small. As “Barefoot Ted”, he has played a major role in defining and popularizing the new/old concept of barefoot running and minimalist footwear to a new generation, being an early adopter of the current trend.



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