Artificial Atoms Could Harness the Secret Power of Metamaterials

The superlattices used in metamaterials can be built using crystals called “artificial atoms.” What exactly are these tiny building blocks?

These Nanostructures Are Hacking Nature – https://youtu.be/6-JjCvlPSF4

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Surprise Discovery Shows ‘Artificial Atoms’ Rapidly Self-Assembling Into Complex Structures
“Really, we’ve been in the midst of a metamaterials revolution for about the past decade—with atomically thin graphene at the heart of much of said revolution—and it likely hasn’t even peaked. Consider a new paper out Monday in Nature describing the rapid crystallization of superlattice nanostructures from engineered ‘artificial atoms.’”

Graphene: Everything You Need to Know About the ‘Miracle Material’
“Graphene, the thinnest and strongest material on Earth, is just one atom thick yet 150 times stronger than the same weight of steel. A square meter of graphene is 1,000 times lighter than a piece of paper and more flexible than rubber.”

‘Meta-Skin’ Truly Cloaks Objects From Radar
“A team at Iowa State University led by electrical and computer engineering professor Jiming Song and associate professor Liang Dong developed a metamaterial they’re calling “meta-skin.”
Metamaterials are manmade materials that have capabilities greater than the sum of their individual components.”


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