Arnell Milhouse: “Rebooting Emerging Domestic Markets” | Talks at Google

Arnell Milhouse is the founder and Executive Director of IntraCity Geeks and the co-founder of CareerDevs. Born in one of the toughest inner-city neighborhoods in the country, his life was rebooted and set on a path of computer science.

Mr. Milhouse discusses how he went from helping friends and families start careers in technology to launching Geeks in 2015 and the nation-wide launch of CareerDevs. Milhouse’s goal is to provide access to rigorous computer science and entrepreneurial education to 1 million people in under-served and under-skilled communities by 2020. His end game is to transform under-served communities into bastions of high-tech creativity, workers, and entrepreneurial activity.

For more information see http://intracitygeeks.org.



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