Anti-Theism Defended – A Loooong Response!

This video is largely a response to a comment left on Friended’s video:
“Am I stupid? Please help with my Noel Plum Respose Video”

This exchange is part of a much larger exchange which as involved quite a number of individuals. At the end of these footnotes i will link some of the material!

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Here are the 7 questions I am responding to here:
1) Drudenfusz did have one presumption that perhaps went too far, so I’ll ask. Do you think it’s possible for humans to be ‘completely rational’? Meaning, humans who are able, through reason (or whatever), to rid themselves of irrationality? If so, what would that look like? Are there any examples, individual or societal that can be pointed to? If not… what are we contending over?

In your above response to me, you create a metaphor of Religion as a ‘cloak’ draping over human irrationality. How is this metaphor different from the one I pointed to when I spoke of ‘enlightenment’? Isn’t it the same thing? Again, is it possible that we’re ‘arguing on the same side’ here?

2) Let’s change the metaphor for a moment. Is it possible that you are viewing Religion as an engine (if you will) powering a positive-feedback loop for irrationality? That it is both the result of and catalyst for irrationality? If that’s the case then I think we certainly are arguing on the same side, just at different ends of drive-train (to exhaust the metaphor… and take advantage of making a pun).

3) Do you agree or disagree with Drudenfusz’s assessment that the discussion here isn’t over ‘percentages of rational vs irrational individuals, but rather a discussion of degree?

4) Would you agree or disagree with my OP implication that there are ‘explicit’ and ‘implicit’ atheists? If you can agree with this, can you also agree that those who are more ‘explicit’ can be viewed in much the same light as religious evangelicals? If you cannot agree with the initial premise, why? Or is this question beside the point for you?

5) Since you feel that Friended was Strawmanning you, I pose this at the risk of being redundant… what would be your prediction be of society suddenly without religion? How might we know such a society is ‘better’ than one which is more religious? How would we know how rational (or irrational) such a society might be? Would there be any differences between this society and the one you happen to have in England (with it’s gradual loss of religion)? If not, why not? If so, what would they be?

6) I suppose this next one is more general… By what measurement can we use to quantify the quality of a society? Friended seems to highlight ‘cohesion’ and ‘stability’ as important factors. Some measure ‘happiness’ or ‘satisfaction’, and still others look at economics and choices/opportunities generally available. What would be your measure or which measure would you think more accurately reflects reality?

7) My own disdain for Christianity in particular and Religion in general is keyed by how much control an institution has over the members of that (and possibly outside of that) institution. The more control exerted, the lower the overall satisfaction and happiness it seems, and the greater my disdain and critique. It seems to me that many who are actively ‘anti-religion/religious’ have much the same perspective. What do you think?

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