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So I regard myself as socially progressive yet spend a fair proportion of my time on YouTube arguing with those who use the same label for much more radical viewpoints. Well, if you don’t take ownership of a label you end up losing it to those who do, so this is my attempt at answering “12 questions for progressives” from the YouTuber “The Distributist”

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This is easily the longest single video i have ever made. i don’t intend to overwhelm these comments with links but i will link you to the original video, list his questions in full and give a smattering of links related to my answers that may be fo interest:

12 Questions for Progressives (SJWs) in 2017 – The Distributist

His questions (why not give him a response if you regard yourself as a progressive too)
1. What does “equality” mean (in the progressive context)? What would it take for a society to be equal?
2. What is racism? Who is racist? How much does it matter if someone is racist?
3. Can there ever be inequality between social or cultural groups that is legitimate or benign? When can we assume inequality is circumstantial and not malicious?
4. Can a government legitimately act to defend the interests or continuity of a particular culture or race? Can a non-government institution?
5. Are some identities more legitimate or true than others? Does the historical role a group played make it more or less legitimate?
6. How serious is an act of non-consensual physical contact (with no physical harm)? Does it matter if this contact is sexual?
7. Do people’s emotions and cultural perceptions factor into what “consent” is or how heinous the violation of consent is?
8. Can any moral distinction be made between consensual sex acts? If so ,can stigma be (legitimately) brought by society against some sexual behavior?
9. Is there a stopping point in the pursuit of equality in some particular sphere (e.g. economic, social, legal) or level (e.g. gini coefficient, percentile of indifference) ?
10. What ends are legitimate in the pursuit of equality (e.g. social engineering, restrictions on liberty, draconian punishments) ?
11. Is Ideological bias a problem in publicly funded spaces like Universities? What about monopolistic social media ? What is your criteria for no-platforming?
12. For people who disagree with these progressive responses, why should they tolerate progressive cultural hegemony in cultural spaces?

Some links:

10:30 Genetics of Running

27:00 toy choice difference graph

30:35 Noelgon’s Law taken from this


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