An Atheist’s Letter to God

This is the video God needs to see. Billions of fates may depend on it. Seriously.

This is all very exciting. If God does exist it seems almost inconceivable to me that He will not honour our free will decision and manifest shortly after the release of this video on YouTube, taking away our doubts and making me very very famous to boot :)

But we need to spread the message, because if God exists he needs to know we all feel the same about this, just in case he won’t take my word for it. This is our chance to dodge hell AND be right (or get no answer and flatten this argument once and for all)

Make videos and write blogs…… or better than that go in the garden and shout up at the sky “WE HAVE DECIDED, REVEAL YOURSELF!!! (and video yourself so we can laugh at you!)”

How can it fail?

It occured to me recently that God has never asked us whether we would prefer our choice to believe in Him left up in the air or not and maybe he feels Himself in a bit of a pickle?
This is His dilemma: to give us the choice involves Him asking us but to ask us would be to reveal Himself and remove the choice in the first place!! I can feel His pain…….. can you?
Consequently, my belief is that if God exists He has likely been waiting these last few thousand years for someone to seize the initiative and answer the question without Him having to ask it. Hence the video.

PS: In the unlikely event that anyone of the 7 billion of you would rather prefer God to remain hidden, thus preserving your ability to select the wrong option and burn in hell, it may be worth making it known asap!

Jim NP99



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