Amanda Bradford: “A Different Kind of Dating App” | Talks at Google

Amanda Bradford is the Founder and CEO of The League, a startup that’s looking to shake up the dating app ecosystem by offering a slew of unique features to set itself apart from more established competitors.

Amanda founded The League in 2014, after earning her MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and working in technical roles at both Salesforce and Google. The League combines data and social graphs from both Facebook and LinkedIn to offer privacy from coworkers, more context about a potential match, and a curated community of singles who are looking for highly driven partners. Amanda visits the Mountain View office to share her thoughts on a wide range of topics, including her experience transitioning from working at a large company to working on her own startup, the reasoning behind some of The League’s most defining features, and the challenges of scaling an app that aims to be exclusive.

Moderated by Jorge Cueto.



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