Advertising and Moneti$ation on YouTube: My Take on Recent Changes

Maybe I have watched a skewed sample of videos but it seems a lot of people who would otherwise preach for a free market and advertisers being allowed to spend their budget wherever they damned well like, somehow seem to take great umbrage at the idea their overtly political videos may not be quite what the advertisers are looking to associate with.
The new reality is that YouTube is getting more selective with what will feature advertisements and take a cut of the advertising budget. That puts it in line with any other medium. I have no issue with that and I explain why in this video.

Whilst on the subject of monetisation and money, my channel is supported via Patreon and it is this that grants me the time to make my videos. Just like the advertisiers, you can decide what channels, if any, to support in this way. If you decide you would like to support mine (a choice I would definitely endorse, unsurprisingly) then pop over to:



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