Aboriginal Women: Tradition Trumps Technology

Complete video available for purchase at http://fora.tv/2012/04/28/HunterForagers_Session_QA

Dr. Rebecca Bliege Bird, Associate Professor of Anthropology at Stanford University, explains that use of rifles and cars by Aboriginal males has not increased their hunting output. According to Bird, women still account for 68 percent of production.


A question and answer session of The Female in Evolution hunter/forager presentations.

Dr. Rebecca Bliege Bird is an ecological anthropologist interested in the socioecology of subsistence in small scale societies. Dr. Bird pursues such topics as the gender division of labor in hunting and gathering, cooperation, costly signaling, indigenous conservation/land management, and fire ecology. She’s currently involved in a long-term ethnographic and ecological research project with Martu people in Australia’s Western Desert.



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