A Response To “The Problem With Unions” (The Academic Agent)

The Academic Agent made a video recently detailing the negative impacts of trades unions, as he sees it. Whilst his picture of unions seemed somewhat stuck in the 1970’s I largely sympathised with the complaints he brought forwards. However, industrial action and pay claims, whilst the most newsworthy actions a union can take is only a small part of the roles and functions unions perform. Indeed, a good union working alongside open-minded management can perform a number of roles to compliment one another. This should come as no surprise to AA. If, as he himself states, it is in the interests of management (morale, recruitment and retention) to ensure the workforce is well attended to then finding solutions that is to the betterment of both parties is entirely possible.
The aim of this video, then, is to show that there are two sides to union activities and to judge them only on the general strikes and closed shops of five decades ago is akin to judging western europe solely on the basis of causing the odd world war (or two(!

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The Problem With Unions:

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