4 Freshwater Animals More Terrifying Than Sharks

Sharks often get a bad reputation for being dangerous and deadly, but there are some freshwater animals you should be way more terrified of.

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11 animals more likely to kill you than sharks
“If the mere thought of sharks sends chills down your spine, consider the damage that a swarm of ants could inflict. And even cows have been known to be deadly.”

Bull sharks
“Bull sharks are aggressive, common, and usually live near high-population areas like tropical shorelines.”

Girl ‘eaten by piranhas’:
“A six-year-old girl found dead in Brazil was partly eaten by piranhas, the BBC reports. It is not clear whether the girl, who had been in a canoe with relatives, had already drowned when the fierce fish found her.”

Sea Lamprey Facts
“Sea lamprey is an eel-like type of primitive fish which spends part of its life in marine and part in fresh water.”

Reel-y? 280-pound catfish reportedly caught in Italy’s Po River
“Catfish come in all varieties, shapes and sizes, some big and some small.”

Alligator Gar
“The prehistoric relatives of this megafish inhabited many parts of the world, but today gars live only in North and Central America.”

Western Australia shark cull
“The Western Australian shark cull is the common term for a state government policy of capturing and killing large sharks in the vicinity of swimming beaches by use of baited drum lines.”

California Lifeguards Get Drone, Instantly Spot 10-12 Great Whites
“Orange County’s Seal Beach is a popular spot for swimmers and surfers, so its lifeguards figured they’d use a camera drone to keep a better eye on them.”

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