$300 000 Self-Filling water bottle, SUPERFAIL!

Amazingly, Fontus, the ‘self-filling water bottle’ just wants to keep going.

Initially I demonstrated that what they were promising simply wasnt possible…. thermodynamically. Now they seem to have taken that on board, increased the solar panel size by 10, and reduced the promised water collection by 10.

Their promises are now realistic, but are now basically exactly those of a cheap pelitier dehumidifier. Off the mains it can under IDEAL hot and humid conditions, maybe get a couple of liters per day. Running off a 100 watt solar panel they can maybe get 1 liter of water per day. Thats 1/3rd of your daily requirement. Ontop of that water from the air tends to pick up all sorts of nasty volatile organic crap from the air, and the trap just tends to be a place to cultivate bacteria. On the grand scheme of things, getting water out of the tap is HUGELY more safe.

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