3 of 5—The Book of Job: an awkward combination of two separate tales?

A video response to ProfMTH’s excellent series on The Book of Job:

By Todd Allen Gates, author of “Dialogue with a Christian Proselytizer.”

This video will present my reasons for why I believe the Book of Job was composed by a minimum of two separate authors: authors who were telling two very different stories, and who had very different ideas about the nature of God.

AUTHOR 1’s STORY (found in Chapter 1, most of Chapter 2, and the book’s last few sentences): a short tale about Satan’s bet with God that pain & suffering will make even the most righteous man abandon his faith and curse God. The experiment is carried out on a man named Job, and when Job doesn’t curse God even after he’s afflicted with great tragedies, the tale concludes with God rewarding Job by doubling his previous fortune.
AUTHOR 1’s THEISTIC PERSPECTIVE: God cares for us and rewards us for good behavior–and even suffering can ultimately enrich our lives when we bear it with strength, patience, and trust in God.

AUTHOR 2’s STORY (the last 40 chapters, excluding the last few “happily-ever-after” sentences): Job’s complaints about life’s injustices and God’s indifference. The story concludes with God’s overpowering speech from the whirlwind and Job’s “no comment” reply.
AUTHOR 2’s DEIST PERSPECTIVE: There may be a god, but this god apparently doesn’t care about justice or suffering, and as a rule doesn’t speak to us. And if He were to speak to us, it would only be to tell us that God is incomprehensible to humans, so we shouldn’t even bother trying.

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