200mph Hyperloop…. BUSTED!

Its often depressing to read ‘science’ news coverage of things like the hyperloop. If you did you would get an almost universal impression that a pod going 200mph in the hyperloop was a great advance, and had made the reality of the hyperloop MUCH closer.
In reality of course, its no such thing. It was a VERY small electric car designed for a speed run, that would have gone almost exactly the same speed with or without the hyperloop tube. It had NOTHING to do with a building a pod. Not really what you would get from the wall to wall press coverage.
In the meanwhile, the two entries that MIGHT be classed as useful to the hyperloop (one running on air skies, and one on magnets) managed to go ~60mph while being pushed, and 30 mph under its own power respectively. Again neither of these gained anything from being in a ‘hyperloop’.

In this sense… the hyperloop is looking more and more like solar roadways. Its promises, promises, promises… meanwhile whats delivered is a farce compared to what was promised.

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