1000 miles driving for the best Eclipse 2017 observing site!

Honestly to me Casper looks pretty good. The dinosaur museum there (the Tate museum) is small, but pretty fun!

Anywhere across the plains to Riverton is also great. Pine mountain also looked pretty good, but the access roads are hard unless you are familiar with the terrain. Its also incredibly remote. Too remote for my tastes as one guy with a rental vehicle!

The Tetons has a lot of potential, but honestly its going to be CRAZY busy. Its busy enough today, and thats a nothing special day. They are expecting 100 000 plus extra visitors for the eclipse. Even though Signal Mountain and Black Tail butte offer excellent sites for watching the moons shadow cross some spectacular places, it looks like it will be nightmarishly busy. Also… weather might be more flakey in the Tetons. They tend to have clear mornings, and cloudy afternoons. Early clouds would spell doom for eclipse watcher! :-( That being said, there is always risk with watching an eclipse…. one stray cloud is all it takes!

Gonna check out Idaho and Oregon next, but I think Im pretty much settled on Casper.

Its actually been a pretty brutal few days. These places are hundreds of miles apart…. plus having to do all this just after getting off the plane… ouch!

….. given the circumstances under which this video was made… .please forgive me if the editing not as smooth as other videos :-)



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