10 Myths Debunked! There are a a lot of myths floating around out there. Here are 10 common ones debunked. Take THAT you myths!

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— Are you more likely or less likely to catch a cold when you’re not bundled up in the cold?

— Are bacteria bad for you?

— What makes your blood appear to be either blue-ish or red-ish?

— Does sugar make you hyper and help you improve focus?

— How does shaving make your hair grow back thicker?

— Is The Great Wall of China is the only man-made object you can see from space?

— Does the earth get hotter when its orbit brings it closer to the sun?

— Do birds have a keen sense of smell?

— How many senses do humans really have?

— What effect does drinking alcohol have on your body temperature?

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Life Noggin is a weekly animated educational series. Whether it’s science, pop culture, history or art, we explore it all and have a ton of fun doing it.

Life Noggin Team:
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