Limits Power Meter Express Installation Guide

For the uninitiated the Limits Power Meter is a kind of bastardised lovechild between a cycling power meter and the physical incarnation of No Man’s Sky*

As the product stands, the general concensus amongst users is that the data it provides is so inaccurate and variable that it is literally worse than useless. Having trialled it both on my bike and on a static wattbike I find the idea they may still be trying to sell these in their present state unconscionable. Not only that but the makers promised another firmware update to address the issues months and months and months ago. Now they only give the vaguest references to actually making their product functional and seem more interested in updating us as to when they will next be shipping outstanding orders to Kazakhstan or The Congo as if these poor bastards haven’t enough on their plates without receiving a bicycle random number generator through the mail!

*A bit unfair on No Man’s Sky. Their product works and is, despite not getting close to their promises, still a quite remarkable achievement.



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